EMERGENCY PROTEST, Homeless family mistreated and evicted from emergency accommodation



Homeless family mistreated and evicted from emergency accommodation.

Friday night in the middle of storm Desmond, a mother father and two young children were evicted from their emergency accommodation. Their crime? Asked for their electricity be reconnected after they were 40 cent short on their bill. The mother and one child were left on the street, the grandmother came to the rescue. The father and other child re- entered their home and barricaded themselves in. With the gas and electricity already cut off the management cut of their NTL so that the children couldn’t watch tv as they sat in the cold.

Facing this situation they sought help from the Irish Housing Network. They have three simple demands: 1. Let the family stay together. 2 . Turn back on the electricity. 3. Improve the standards for all the tennents.

DCC have said this situation it’s out of their hands and its at the managements discretion to evict families. Their only offer was to split the family and place them in unstable temporary accommodation just before Christmas.

With DCC refusing to help activists joined the mother and grandmother as they brought these demands directly to the management of the building. The management refused to discuss these demands and called the Gardai. The management have a history of abuse, mistreatment and have continuously taken advantage of young vulnerable families with little legal protection.

The family will continue to fight and have called for a protest tonight at 7.30 at St Catherine s Gate 12 Parnell rd Dolphins Barn.

The Irish Housing Network are working with local activists to support the family.

For further please contact Niamh at 087-3468722.