On May 20th 2015, an exorcism of the entire Mexican republic was carried out, with Vatican approval, at a closed door ceremony in the city of San Luis Potosí in the presence of a high-profile Spanish demonologist. It seems the Catholic church had been losing ground to the cult of La Santa Muerte and was worried about the abundance of “abortion demons” and sexual misconduct that continue to plague the nation. Based on imaginary eye-witness accounts, EXORCISMO MAGNO tells of the catastrophic aftermath of this event.

EXORCISMO MAGNO is an ongoing collaboration between writer Dylan Brennan and visual artist Jonathan Brennan (aka Aptalops). This video is of a special Halloween performance carried out in the “Angel Room” of the American Legion in Mexico City. The 666-word long text and 1 accompanying image can be viewed free online courtesy of Abridged. Click here.