The Irish Housing Network: A Radical Common Sense (Part 2)

Radical Whispers

Part 2- First Actions and the Bolt Hostel Occupation

This is the second of a four part series on the Irish housing crisis and fight back against it; focusing on the rise of the Irish Housing Network. This second part looks at the first network actions and then the Bolt Hostel occupation

First Actions

17175493127_f45c74b8d0_zHomeless Injunction(DCC Occupation Credit IHN)                (South Dub CC Injunction, Credit IHN)

While the network was forming the housing crisis was intensifying. This was particularly noticeable in the increasing numbers of homeless visible every night. Four months after the declaration from Enda Kenny that ‘no one would be homeless unless they choose’ we were seeing families with young children being given sleeping bags in lieu of emergency accommodation, which had reached full capacity at the start of the year. A wave of occupations began.

First DCC were targeted. 4 cases were taken: a mother with 2 young…

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