The Lonesome Incarceration of David Drumm, by Kevin Higgins


Holding Drumm in prison until trial seems vindictive.”  
Fintan O’Toole  


Thoughts of a man

one might have accidentally

sat across from at a soiree, and asked

to please, pass the tapenade


being made dine, defecate,

and dream in a room

exclusively made of uncouth

concrete and steel –


the sort of accommodation

people known to

Literary Editors of The Irish Times

aren’t usually forced to endure —


drags civilised tears down

the better variety of cheek

in the higher up parts of Howth.  


Pity the former Chief Executive Officer

who lost thirty four point seven billion,

and is no danger to anyone;


a man who while others

were happily stringing

themselves up in disused buildings

on the edge of what was once their land


had the gumption to leave

the howling mongrels of public opinion

behind, and rough it


in a two million Dollar hovel

on the meaner side of

Norfolk County.


Until inmate Drumm again feels

Massachusetts sunlight on

his considerable neck,

Ireland can never

truly call itself free.


KEVIN HIGGINS is the Bogmans Cannon Satirist-in-Residence