Alicia Byrne-Keane spoken word playlist No 1: Best of 2015

Big welcome from all at Bogmans Cannon to Alicia Byrne-Keane, who has joined us as spoken word curator. Here is her first playlist, a look back at 2015. Enjoy.

Stephen James Smith – ‘Dublin You Are’This is sort of the ultimate ‘Dublin spoken word poem’, an all-encompassing look at the city. Prepare for homesickness and crying if you watch this video while elsewhere.


Anis Mojgani – ‘The Canoe’

This poem is quietly funny and surreal, making powerful use of repetition.


Susanna Galbraith – ‘Sleep Visions’

Fragmented, ethereal, and almost impossible to categorize. One of the most unique pieces I have heard so far.


Femi Nylander – ‘Dreaming Spires’

Intricately rhymed observations about the racism and conservatism of Oxbridge culture, nevertheless balanced with positivity. I was fortunate enough to see Femi Nylander play a set live in Oxford, and was instantly a fan.


Hollie McNish – ‘Spin’

Hollie McNish is able to create a vivid sort of teenage nostalgia while also talking about important things.


Alvy Carragher – ‘They Don’t Sell Pregnancy Tests This Late’

This piece is both lyrical and all too real. Alvy Carragher has a uniquely powerful style of delivery and her imagery is subtle and well-crafted.


Caleb Oluwafemi – ‘Of Bathtubs and Hushpuppies’  

A series of arresting images that, in the words of the poet, ‘refuse to implode politely.’