Fascists Coming Over Here and stealing our racists – Eyewitness Pegida, by Bairbre Flood

no to racism


Got a message on Thursday night from a friend saying that the spawn of EDL (English Defence League) were launching their Cork branch in The Commons Hotel, Blackpool. Friday morning dozens of people phoned the hotel to express their concern. The manager had been completely unaware of who Pegida were. ‘Google Tommy Robinson,’ we suggested. Not too surprisingly, the meeting was cancelled.

Myself and Dan decided we’d head down to the Commons to see if we could talk to any of the people who were going to the meeting. When we got to the car-park, a few cars were pulling out so we followed them. Obviously if the meeting had been cancelled in the Commons they were going somewhere else.

When we got to the next hotel there were two squad cars and an unmarked car, a camera crew and a lot of dodgy mullets. We went in and asked the manager if she knew who the group were. She said they’d booked the room a week ago for a press conference. We asked her to cancel it. She said she couldn’t as this late stage, but that they wouldn’t be welcome here again. She said she didn’t agree with them at all and genuinely seemed upset about the situation.

Dan walked outside. I was on the phone. One of the organisers, Ian Peake stuck his finger in Dan’s face.‘Who do you think you are coming in to disrupt our meeting? We’ll get you one day. I’ve seen your face now you fucking cunt.’

We made a complaint to the guards in the car-park and went for a cup of tea in a different part of the hotel. Jim O’Connell who I know well from the water protests came to see what was happening. Another one of the Identity Ireland or Anti-Islam Ireland or EDL or Pegida – we’re not sure who was who just that members from all these groups were here – pushed Jim, threatened him.

We sat down in the lobby and a guy came over to chat with us. He’d a gentle demeanour, he was worried about mass immigration. I asked him did he have any Muslim friends, did he know anyone from Syria, Darfur, Afghanistan? He didn’t. We had a good talk. The day kept getting stranger.

There were maybe twenty people altogether. Didn’t see Tommy Robinson at all. I was wondering if I did if he might break into a favourite EDL chant ‘rule Britannia’. Probably not the place. Didn’t hear the other favourite either -‘no surrender to Muslim scum’. According to the Irish Post (3/6/2013) ‘Posts found on Lennon’s {his real name’s Stephen Lennon} social networking account, show the second-generation Irishman regularly refutes his heritage and abuses those who claim he is Irish. He has also posted a string of anti-Irish slurs and remarks.

In one message he claims his parents would be “in Ireland picking potatoes and eating cabbages”, if they hadn’t moved to England.’

A guy from Identity Ireland was announcing his candidature in Cork North Central. Most of them were wearing suits. They got a nice piece in the Irish Times. Legit, eh?

Meanwhile the 62 individuals who own as much as the bottom half of the worlds population keep geting richer. The cartels that run this country keep us all at each others throats. The weapon of mass distraction (the immigrants are to blame) keeps getting louder.

Bairbre Flood

The Bogmans Cannon calls on all our friends and supporters to join the important mobilisation against Pegida in Dublin next Saturday. If you cannot make Dublin please consider organising your own family friendly protest or event wherever you are. One big peaceful and united show of action from the anti-racist and anti-fascist majority will scare Pegida off for good and that is the only solution to this serious threat to our society.