The Lovers Library part 2 – Mystic Love. Alt.Valentines playlist chosen by Dave Lordan

On the afternoon of Saturday 13th Feb I am teaching a workshop in writing a love poem – and all sorts of lovers are welcome to attend. The workshop is only 25 euro and you will leave it with an original, unique, and priceless piece of love-writing for your lover(s) to cherish forever and a day. Below is the second (first here) of 3 Lovers Library playlists, showcasing some of the diverse literary lovers inspiring the workshop. Sign up here for the workshop in The Big Smoke Writing Factory.

Hildegarde von Bingen – Vision 4 – Love. 12th Century visionary and polymath Hildegard Von Bingen composed some of the most beautiful music-for-voices ever written. She also wrote theological, botanical, and medicinal texts, as well as letters, liturgical songs, and poems…and she did it all for love – Divine Love.

Lydia Koniordou recites “Gongyla” a poem by Sappho. Koniordou is considered one of the world’s leading classical performers and this stirring rendition of Gongyla leaves us in no doubt why. All roads lead back to Sappho when it comes to the love lyric – song or poem – and it was she who first fused the erotic and the religious in the adored figure of an ideal lover.

The New Life (La vita nuova), by Dante Alighieri, Audiobook: Full Audiobook of the record Dante made of his mystical love for the young Beatrice. a landmark text the history of literary love.

Christina Rossetti- Monna Innominata, Sonnet 4 . Somewhat overshadowed by the achievements of her more prolific brother, Rosetti is in my view a more sophisticiated poet. This famous sonnet is a classic description of the fusion into mystical oneness with the lover which marks the experience of true love.

Robert Bly Reads Ibn Hazm. Prepare to be blown away by 1000 year old love poems from the ancient muslim world, read by poetry hero Robert Bly