The Failures of Irish Politics

Oireachtas Retort

By Padraig O’Mara


We are heading for a hung Dáil and chances are for a returned Fianna-Gael coalition. A catastrophic outcome for most Irish people.

The country is essentially cut in two, and it’s clear which half Fine Gael has sided with: the group that has felt some sort of recovery and for which it’s important “to keep it going” as was repeated over and over in the past three weeks.

But this group is a minority. It can afford private healthcare. It does not need Social Housing, free education, a better minimum wage or subsidised childcare.

Most of the population (91.4%) has a direct income of under €70,000 per year, and more than half (60%) under €30,000 (NERI). It is for these people that any notion of a recovery is a fabrication.

Ireland has become more unequal after the crash of 2008, and most of the population…

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