Video Playlist: Poems Against Misogyny, by Alicia Byrne Keane

Kayla Q – ‘Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Midwife’

This poem addresses multiple perspectives – that of a midwife, that of a survivor’s advocate, and finally, most basically, that of a woman – to expose the varied and systematic manifestations of abuse present in patriarchal society. 

#BNV14 Finals: Denver – ‘Feminism’

Aptly told by multiple speakers, this poem deals with issues of inclusivity and intersectional feminism. 

Blythe Baird – ‘Skirt Steak Girls’

This poem is important, in my opinion, because it deals with the dilemma of how to react as a woman witnessing male friends’ misogyny, showing the silences and self-censoring enacted by teenage girls in order to be considered ‘one of the guys.’

Lily Myers – ‘Shrinking Women’

Myers offers a skillful depiction of the subtleties of internalized misogyny, deconstructing implicit messages passed down through generations of women. 

Hollie McNish – ‘Embarrassed’

Discussing the stigma around public breast-feeding, McNish addresses the hypocritical double standards around attitudes to female sexuality.  

Samantha Peterson – ‘Dead Men Can’t Catcall’

In a discussion of gendered language and metaphor, Peterson speaks about being essentialized to her body-type in both subtle and overt ways – showing that, whether in situations of street harassment or in the form of lovers’ ‘compliments’, such language can be used to circumscribe and restrict. 

Alicia Byrne Keane is the Bogmans Cannon spoken word editor