The Head of Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger, by Kevin Higgins

Photo by Nicholas O Donnell

Some of this [anti-Semitism] existed, probably within Militant,
for those of us old enough to remember all that.”

Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger, Newsnight 27-4-16

It’s talked its way in and out of
so many TV studios, people have long since suspected
it’s battery operated, but no one can find the off switch.

It’s here tonight to tell us
that those who marched that lost Sunday against
the swastikas daubed on Hebrew headstones at Edmonton –
were secretly in league with Adolf Hitler.

Her head showed its solidarity
more subtley by spending
the day the traditional way,
having its hair reconfigured at one
of the most progressive salons in London.

It’s one part Polly Honeybee of The Guardian,
two parts retired Archbishop of Canterbury.

It’s spent so long breathing in
the emissions of Earls and Dukes,
it can no longer distinguish
down from up, in from out;
problematic when giving its congregation
advice on family planning.

It’s living proof government must act now
and build a secure facility to detain former
Liberal Democrat members
of the House of Lords.

It wouldn’t know an anti-Semite
from a Sumo wrestler, and finds
it saves time to presume,
anyone who disagrees with it
is most probably both.

KEVIN HIGGINS is The Bogmans Cannon satirist-in-residence.

*The author of this poem, then a member of Militant, was involved in organising
a demonstration on Sunday, June 3rd 1990 & a subsequent public meeting to protest against the daubing of swastikas on headstones at the Edmonton Federation Jewish Cemetery in North London. Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger did not turn up.