The Flying Column #24 – A Dirty War


A BBC Spotlight investigation has again raised questions about the scale of British infiltration in the IRA.

With characters such as “Larry the Chef” and “Stakeknife” it has all the makings of a conspiracy dreamed up by an over-doped paranoiac in an attic somewhere, except that it’s real.

The new allegations come from an unnamed source, “Martin” who claims to have been a long-term British agent within the IRA and Sinn Fein. He turned after the beginning of the Peace Process. This unrepentant traitor claims moral authority citing the prevention of “another outbreak of violence” as his primary motivation. Because the best way to stop violence is to collaborate with one of the most murderous and destructive regimes on the planet. How much is Special Branch paying these days, “Martin?”


One allegation is that Gerry Adams “sanctioned” the assassination in 2005 of Dennis Donaldson, who was also a British agent. Adams has – of course – denied the allegations, as he has denied every allegation ever – I wouldn’t be surprised if he came out tomorrow and said, “Gerry Adams does not, and has never existed. He is a fictional character. I repeat, he does not exist.”

Donaldson had been recruited by RUC Special Branch in the 1980s and was one of their highest placed agents within the IRA and Sinn Fein – an “agent of influence.” In 2003 it was also alleged that the agent known as Stakeknife was Freddie Scappaticci – former head of the IRA’s internal security (!!) unit. Donaldson was shot. Freddie was not. (Freddie Scappaticci denies being an agent. He also denies being the invention of Mario Puzo.)

There were, by an apparently conservative estimate, as many as “800 informers at any one time” in Northern Ireland (in all groups). That’s a helluva lot of agents for a land with a population under 2 million. According to estimates by CAIN, IRA membership peaked at around 1,500 in the mid-70s. What proportion of the declining membership through the 80s and 90s were informers or agents?


A Dirty Peace

The peace-process is based upon foundations that are proving more and more to be bogus. The “men of peace” tried to flush too much bloody laundry down the toilet and now it’s gushing back out and flooding the house on the hill.

The larger question is to what extent the British state was “running both sides.” What involvement in or prior knowledge of IRA and Real IRA atrocities – for example, the Omagh Bombing – did intelligence agencies have? How many agents in the pay of the British State were involved in murder, torture, brutality or organised crime? How many agents are currently active in Northern Ireland? Could there be more high profile agents to be revealed in SF or the IRA? Whatever the answers, the growing evidence of widespread collusion and infiltration is proving the regime at Stormont to be a fraud – repeating sweet-sounding, flimsy myths about reconciliation and moving forward, all the while festering in a mass grave of collusion and cover-up. It would make you wonder how these paramilitary reconciliation sessions function! A former British agent hugs a former British agent and everything’s ok now? A session on comparing and contrasting MI5 handlers? Or perhaps they play a game called Which Atrocity? Guess which bombing or shooting was orchestrated by the Brits.



The national equivalent of Spotlight, BBC’s Panorama, decided to make an investigative piece on the Labour Party organisation Momentum. Channel 4’s Dispatches – also allegedly an investigative exposé program – ran an almost identical show the same night. Dispatcherama focused on finding out information through covert, investigative cleverness, which they could have found out by just asking someone…..anyone….the man down the pub even. Painting the absurd left grouping the Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) as some sort of secret society that means to take over the Labour Party, the “exposé” descended into screaming McCarthyism. The idea that a raggle-taggle handful of leftists would be able to “seize control” of Labour is laughable. The greatest revelation was that people who describe themselves as left-wing tend to have left-wing ideas. Scoop!


The same day, the national press went into melt-down with allegations that Momentum now planned to indoctrinate children through their new vehicle “Momentum Kids.” Contrary to the Jonestown Massacre allusions, what Momentum actually did was set up a crèche. This would alleviate pressure on parents (particularly women) who want to attend the ‘World Transformed’ conference, and provide a safe and fun space for kids over the weekend. Downright deviant!

As the Labour Party Conference comes to my city of residence this weekend, I plan – being a commie plotter – to attend some events and see how crazy these Momentum people really are. Watch this space.

Requiem for an Ice Cap

On a lighter note, funeral arrangements are being prepared for the Arctic, which, after a long battle with carbon dioxide, has died. Warm tributes have been flooding in for the much loved region. Danny from Roscommon said, “I mean, the Arctic was always there, I remember it on TV as a child. It’s been like, a real part of my life I suppose.” Sad to see it go, the BBC plan to make a special episode of “Strictly come Dancing – On Ice!” According to sources close to the Arctic, intensive care facilities were too expensive, so world leaders agreed to “just let it die” and were hoping it would “get on with it.”


Arctic Sea Ice extent (geographically) is at its second lowest on record – though its volume may also have declined by a substantial figure meaning there could potentially be less ice overall than the 2012 record low. But of course there’s nothing to worry about folks! Sammy Wilson was talking about climate change this week and Sammy knows his stuff. According to him, we’ll be grand.



Connor Kelly