I wasn’t just let down by the Irish mental health service, I was abandoned by it.

The Socialist Economic

In September 2015 I finally worked up the courage to go to a doctor and ask for help. I didn’t even do it for myself. At that point I was so far removed from any sense of reality that my friend had to make me promise to do it for him, not for me. I’d been through it all before. Twice since I was 13 I’d had to go through my GP and the mental heal service to seek help for what amazingly took until I was 18 to diagnose, and twice I’d been released by counsellors and consultants after only a few months of what can hardly be called treatment.

In the Spring of 2015 I suffered through abuse during the marriage referendum and campaigned tirelessly to secure equal rights for myself and for people like me. When the results came in and I saw we’d won, I didn’t…

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