Diary of an Urban Bogman, day 18: On reading Ulysses, a Joycean non-analysis

“And what did you get up to on Saturday night?” the great smirking blue face beckons an answer out of me before my self respect or ego can catch up with it.

… “I sat at home and read Ulysses” I admit, though somewhat reluctantly.

“Ah!” launches Ferard casually, “I have to take another run at it once I finish college. Read the first 8 episodes for a class. It’s dense as fuck but so rewarding.” I concur, even though I secretly suspect he probably got some comic-book adaptation. Or maybe not… After all, who in their right mind would ever make such a thing?

Here, Billy interjects with his usual slur. “Heap of shite!”

Pregnant pause of intellectual pondering.

“Your time would have been better spent face down in speed giving yourself a reach-around.”

Everyone laughs. Mitzy jumps in with her usual Hepburn-esque* charm and sound advice; “Don’t listen to him! You don’t gotta choose…”

Everyone laughs some more. Here, a few drinks are spilled. There, a few more are poured. Life goes on.

“Another great health tip! Mind if I repost it?” interjects Dan Jordan enthusiastically. “Fucking great book, but what you are advising is also most inspiring. It’s about balance though, isn’t it? You could listen to Ulysses on audio whilst being free to perform auto-reacharound, and so on…”

That certainly would be a very Joycean thing to do.


* Audrey, not Catherine.