Book Review: Dublin Seven


Every now and then the literary world churns out a gem, and the new debut novel from Dublin-born writer Frankie Gaffney called Dublin Seven is just that, a gem.

Frankie’s book, ‘Dublin Seven’, is a gangland tale ripe with nightlife shenanigans, graphic sex, and a prowling dark-comedy undertone. It tells the coming-of-age urban love story of 18 years young protagonist Shane, who becomes enthralled in an intense ride through the seedy underworld of gangland Ireland that creates an exciting ubiquitous sense of doom for his relationships.

Dublin Seven reads and feels authentic throughout, so it’s no surprise that Frankie’s depictions of community college are due to experience, “My time at the BCFE was fantastic. Our class really bonded even though there was a diverse array of characters there. I loved Ballyfermot.”

After his time at the BCFE, Frankie evidently went on to great things, studying his Ph.D. in…

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