The Flying Column #31 – We want the earth

By Connor Kelly

Who saw that coming?!


Part of me would like to shout “I told you so” from the rooftops, but there’s no point because there’s no access to the roof of my building. Anyway, Donald Trump is now the President Elect of the US of A. God bless America.

What is remarkable is that many of the liberals who predicted the opposite result throughout (a Clinton landslide and the Dems taking both houses), instead of becoming temporarily introspective to check what was wrong with their analysis, are instead attempting to make the facts match their (failed) analysis. It was a vote for misogyny. It was a vote for racism. Trump voters are just plain stupid. Although racism and sexism played huge parts in Trump’s campaign, and I in no way mean to downplay them, there is obviously more at work here. Most at work was the fact that traditional democratic voters simply didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. And can you blame them?  Hillary lost this election more than Trump won it.


The democrats failed America, spectacularly. Through a rigged primary election, then a campaign full of vacuous neo-liberal platitudes (as well as “elevating” Trump as the contender), they paved the road for a Trump victory. That’s on her. Instead of tortoise shelling back into the Democratic herd, surely it is now time to smash the Democratic establishment completely?


What is encouraging is that thousands of people across America (and beyond) have taken to the streets to protest against the incoming Trump administration. We should stand in solidarity with all those set to suffer under a Trump government and all those resisting it, particularly the most marginalized in US society. This new outburst of rage should aim to transform itself into a movement which seeks to make Trump the shortest serving president in American history.

All that is solid melts into air…..


Buried under the news that arch-fascist-Trump has seized power in America was some interesting news about the environment. It turns out that our climate is much more sensitive than was previously believed (yet another “it’s worse than we thought!” moment). An article in the Independent examines a paper in Science Advances which suggests than a warm climate like ours (as opposed to say, the climate during an ice age) is more sensitive to greenhouse gases. This means that “business as usual” emissions could increase temperatures by much more than even the IPCC projects by 2100 – between 4.78C to 7.36C.

Either way, we are going beyond the 2 degree “safe” limit set by the IPCC. This is not because Donald Trump will tear up treaties etc. Clinton would have ensured we went over 2 degrees as well – albeit a little slower (she is steadfastly committed to fracking and other fossil fuel industries). Barack Obama would have taken us over 2 degrees had he been allowed another few terms. It is because almost every major capitalist country’s climate commitments and actions fall far short of keeping us under that level – and they don’t care. In short, barring miracles or international peoples revolution in the next year or two, we’re gonna go beyond the point of what is considered “dangerous” climate change. Since the radical left missed the boat entirely on real activity around climate change (I’m not blaming the left here, just pointing out a serious flaw), perhaps we now ought to start thinking about what we’re gonna do in a world ravaged by dangerous climate change.



This is a world of confusion, chaos and extreme danger. The sci-fi dystopia is here – it has been for some time. Capitalism is madness – and its delusions of omnipotent grandeur have finally reached their elated and destructive conclusion. There is nowhere capitalism can go now except into apocalyptic Mad Max scenarios. It will bring all of us with it unless we fight.  We must fight to salvage what we can of the world – and fight to the death.  The stakes have never been higher – we have a planet to lose. Capitalism doesn’t just mean inequality, war and endless wage labour; it means mass extinction, a hot-house world, mass drought, famine and sea-level rise as well as the very real possibility of full-blown nuclear destruction. Those who brought us to this point, those who have sacrificed everything – including the very lifeblood of our planet – to line their own pockets should incur the vengeance of those who have been made to suffer and those who in the future will suffer from their folly. Up against the wall, motherfucker – Trump, Clinton, May first in line.

 “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”

In the last few years (and in particular the last few days), I’ve heard a lot of vacuous talk about love, usually in the face of the latest defeat. Stop with that. Galvanise your bitterness and hatred against the class that is responsible. I have no love for my class enemies. I have only hatred from the pit of my being. I have no love for those who destroyed our planet, who suck the earth dry, who suck us dry.  I have no love for those who build doomsday machines, those who murder and pillage and their way to wealth and power. I have no love for those who – in the face of total destruction – place the prize of profit above all else. Galvanise your hatred, nurse it, you’re gonna need it. No more mindfulness or calm in the face of our own destruction. We need rage. And what should our demands consist of? “Our demands most moderate are, we only want the earth.”