Because I’m Human – An Anti Bullying Poem by Dave Lordan



Because I’m Human

See me?

I’m a human

made of flesh and blood and feelings.

Because of this you can hurt me.

You can really hurt me.

You can call me names.

You can mock me.

You make up lies about me.

You can hit me.

You can spit at me.

You can make me feel lonely.

You can make me feel so angry.

You can make me cry.

You can make me feel

so much hate and confusion

that I never wanted to feel.

But I’m made of other, tougher stuff

as well because I’m human.

I’m made of Spirit and Love.

I’m made of Dancing.

Dancing teams up inside me

with Spirit and Love to make me strong and outlasting.

Dancing united with Spirit and Love

throws all the hate and the mockery out of my heart.

Dancing together with Spirit and Love sings freedom songs to me:

Sometimes you land in a good place and sometimes you land in a bad.

Sometimes your Mondays are happy. Sometimes your Fridays are sad.

Oh Life is a spiral, life is a whirl,

life is a merry-go round.

The world is made of fire and wind

and we’re all just blowing around.

The hurt, the craic, the pucks, the hugs:

They all take turns. They all move on.

They all come down to chance.

You can learn and grow past anything;

it’s all just steps in the dance.

I’ll dance on by you with my freedom

the way the wind blows by a ruin.

I’ll forget you like the wind

forgets every cruel thing under the sun.

And I’ll be free and dancing

when I’ve long forgotten you.

I’ll be dancing with my freedom

because that’s what humans do…


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