First episode features poetry, fiction, accessible lit crit, new irish music from artists including Andre K’por, Fionn Ó hAlmhain, Monday Ni Cure, Karl Parkinson, Alana Daly Mulligan, Sasha Terfous, June Caldwell, Caitriona Coyle, Cuelebre, Derek Flynn, Kimberley Campanello & more.

Mostly live recordings too!

It’s the only show focusing on spoken word in Ireland, as well as on related & cross-over artforms past & present.

It takes three or four days work to make a decent show, at least. At the moment this is voluntary work. I can do about six episodes, hopefully, on a voluntary basis.

I’d love to do far more than that tho, & with community support that would be possible.

I’ll be launching a fundraising drive after easter to help support my community oriented work in radio/podcast, video & streaming, writing & performing.

I hope that some of you who relate to & enjoy my work will consider then making a donation to help me out.

This could be one-off, or monthly, if you are an individual, or take the form of sponsorship/patronage/advertising if you are ethical small business/institution/event etc etc

All supporters will get gifts in return – books, access to online classes, private function performances, handwritten poems, etc etc

Full details after easter.

The Spoken Word Show with Dave Lordan will air shortly on Dublin Digital Radio & Atlantic Radio. Keep an eye out here for details

Dave Lordan