Aberration, or 1st of many? Nasim Aghdam & the Youtuber’s revenge.

The Freelancer’s Revenge?

Much is being made in the MSM about the fact that the YouTube shooter was a woman. This is indeed highly unusual.

Out of 160 Mass shootings In the United States in the past five years, only six of these have involved a woman, and only two have involved a woman acting alone.

So there are female mass shooters in the contemporary USA – one of the sickest societies in world history – in & around the same rate as there are female serial killers, female rapists, female CEOs, female Generals, or female sadists of any kind. Which does not in the least change the essentially masculine nature of these cruel & vile phenomena.

There is something more interesting then the gender of the shooter in this case, I think. It seems to have essentially been a kind of freelancer’s revenge against a corporation which makes billion upon billion out of the sweat and ambition of many tens of thousands of such freelancers.

Recently YouTube, without warning or consultation, changed the way that freelancers can earn money and become better known on YouTube, making it far more difficult. It’s the kind of high-handed, contemptuous action that organisations exploiting freelancers often take.

In most cases like this, there is nothing that low-earning, insecure freelancers can do but suck it up.

There is no organisation such as a union to bring your greviance to, no affordable legal route of complaint.

You can bang your head off the wall as much as you want about it, but you’re only giving yourself a headache.

In the circumstances, it’s not surprising that one out of all these tens of thousands of shunned YouTubers lost their mind and decided to take the law into their own hands.

A stupid & contemptible move of course, and now she’s dead, and she has badly hurt several people who cannot of course be individually blamed for their company’s malicious behaviour.

She is dead, and they are bleeding, and it’s a terrible scene, but it got the point across and nobody is ever going to fuck with her like Youtube did ever again, I guess.

The incident put me in mind of the wave of assassinations of elite & aristocratic targets in Europe in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

These assassinations were often carried out by individual workers acting out of their own individual grievances, on their own initiative.

Where we have ‘lone shooters’, this earlier period had ‘lone stabbers’, ‘lone bombers’, ‘lone garrotters’ & so on.

Sometimes these single-minded assassins bethought themselves anarchists or nihilist’s, and the yellow press of the time always blamed the killings on the left.

And it is true that the doctrine of the propaganda-of-the-deed espoused by some hot-headed (& frankly also thick-headed) marginal fragments of the far left of the time did have some influence on the emergence of this fin-de-siecle assassunami.

But in many cases it was simply angry poor people who had been badly mistreated, had lost the plot, had nobody to bring their grievance to, had no chance of Justice in a system nearly as biased in favour of the rich then as it is now.

In the famous 1898 case of Lucheni, for example, we find a soldier who deserts the Austrian army in Italy, makes his way alone and on foot over the Alps to Lake Geneva, with the intention of stabbing to death the Duke Of Orleans.

But Duke O doesn’t show, although his friend the Princess Elisabetta of Austria does, & so Lucheni stabs her to death, instead.

Because you might as well be hung for a Princess as a Duke i suppose.

It was more important to Lucheni that he killed one of ‘them’ off, than that he preserve his own life – his own life which had been rendered worthless and torturous by the actions and policies of the ruling class that the Emperor and the Princess were individual instances of.

Before long, & obligingly, the Austrian Cops committed Lucheni’s suicide in prison for him.

It wasn’t Lucheni or any other individual assassin who ended the Austro-Hungarian empire – an ugly behemoth which had by then been sucking the life & profits out of the peasants and workers of central Europe for half a millennium.

Instead it was war exhaustion, coupled with mutiny on all the fronts in late 1918 that reduced Austria to the tiny afterthought of imperialism it remains today.

The result of the wave of assassinations was never good for ordinary people and the working class. It justified massive repression against all sectors of the working class movement and gave the excuse for handing more and more powers of arrest and detention and torture and state assassination and everything else to the police and the judiciary.

Will there be more of this kind of freelance revenge on corporate America in the USA?

It’s hard to say…& of course one hopes not, but it would be surprising if there weren’t, given the sickness of that society’s corporate culture & the terrible injustice suffered by so many so continously over there.