After I saw a heavily pregnant addict out of her tree on Talbot Street and was thinking thereof upon the terrible numbness which now afflicts us in our cities. #april7th #withthehomeless

The purpose of the world is simple.
The purpose of the world is life.
The purpose of life is also simple.
The purpose of life is the discovery of love.

And the purpose of the human?
That’s also simple. It’s an air that can always be heard
no matter where, no matter what.
Jesus heard it in the desert on the 40th day of his thirst.
Rebels hear it in the boom
of their executioners’ guns.
Slaves hear it in the dreaming songs that other slaves pass on.

Whoever refuses the shame and the silence;
whoever refuses going quiet
to a predetermined doom
is hearing it.

The purpose of human being is simple.
The purpose of the human being
is the opening to freedom,
to that freedom we touch when we are loving the world.

And yes, your objections strike hard
(trust me, I identify with sniggering):
such loving is hardly straightforward
in our complicated times.
Even the best are always tempted,
one way or another,
to give up loving the world.

With good reason.
A child undead
in the poisoning womb of a junkie-
is this not the cackling of chance
at the hexes of human vulnerability?
And the relentless flow of numbness
we call the passerby-
surely this is all our utopias drowning?
Yet even now loud laughter’s peeling from
the openings on Talbot Street,
out and out and out again from the indestructible old
who have survived
a thousand hexes of fate
a thousand deluges
and from the young
who with their merry fellowship
challenge oblivion.

Because of this I can tell you of the coming of great joy.
Because of this I can tell you we are far from exhausted.

But we have only two options:
dying in, or loving this world.

Of the two, only loving the world can give depth to existence.

Who lives without loving the world is a shadow’s shadow
and weighs less than a ghost.
Who lives and does not love the world has no purpose.
Who lives without loving the world has been lost.

And there can be no other finding.

Dave Lordan


from forthcoming e/audio/print collection ”SnowFlakes”, due Autumn 2018

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