Dublin Spire



Dublin Spire  


Cold steel colossus 

Squat between the heavens

and the street

the street and the heavens

Part dragon 

Part dreadnought 


      Part Panopticon

Part Messerschmidt


you pierce the clouds

occupy the atmosphere

possess the rooftops

dominate the capital

diminish everyone in range


and so are suited to the worship of neo-liberal Pharaohs

Bullies Templars Christian Brothers Mafias Ku Klux Klans

Conspiracies and modern governments in general


that are more heartless than any admiral

that have no pulse, 

and are unmovable

that, numb to the touch, 

watch over all, 

feeling for none.


With a face as blank and comfortless

as an executioner’s hood 

you brag of your unscalable heights

your impenetrable flanks


of how at dusk you lance the sunset from the sky

set alight your tapering lure

reel in the falling stars

hack off their flaming tails,

                      impale their flying wishes…


Dave Lordan