Five Ways I Can Help Boost Your Creativity!

1. LIKE my Dave Lordan Creativity Page & or subscribe to the Dave Lordan Creativity youtube channel constantly updated FREE creativity resources.

2. Affordable, Comprehensive, Expert online courses:

You could take one of my online courses in Creative Writing Now (for emerging writers) or Teaching Creative Writing (for secondary teachers, youth leaders & writers who want to earn extra).

3. Arts Videography:

You could hire me to produce your book trailer, poetry film, event livestream or any kind or arts videography. I can help you massively increase the reach & impact of your work or your event.

4. Performance & Workshops:

You could hire me to perform my work & or teach a workshop or design a bespoke course on any aspect of creative writing or multimediacreativity at your school/library/youthclub/festival etc etc. i have worked with numerous clients to design & deliver workshops including RTE, Dublin City University, The University of Wisconsin, & Gaisce, The Presidents Award.

5. Mentoring & Editing

Every year I take on one or two individual mentees who I believe to be exceptionally talented & are working towards their first book. I have helped dozens and dozens of writers get into print & am presently thanked in the acknowledgements of 50 plus books published in Ireland in the last few years. Message if you think mentoring might be for you.

If you need help editing a manuscript, I can do that too.

P.S 1

Check out my track record & find numerous references & samples of my work at & see what Im up to right now over at my linkedin profile.

P.S 2

Also, i’m always open to suitable artistic collaborations with artists of any genre – let me know if you think we can do something amazing together.

P.S 3

I regret that my voluntary time is fully committed at the moment to various campaigns & causes, so please contact me in relation to paid work only!


Dave Lordan