😄❤️💋🎤🔥MORE THAN 50000 PEOPLE encountered my poetry this week – thank you note! #PoetryDayIRL

I have had a great couple of days poetry-wise . Circa 40000 people heard me read my poem Snowflake on RTE Radio one Arena on thursday night. More than 5000 people watched one of my poetry videos here on Facebook. Many thousands liked/shared/commented on poems on Facebook/Wordpress/Linkedin/Instagram/soundcloud/mixcloud. 1800 & rising have downloaded my e-book sampler The Four Honesties. I read live for 300 or so students & teachers, including the entire Junior Cert English Curriculum Board & schools up & down the country made educational use of my poems.

And the feedback I have been getting from all forums is hugely encouraging.

Most of these are new readers/listeners/witnessers of my poetry, so it’s a big step forward for me.

Thanks to absolutely everyone who liked/shared/fedback/supported me in anyway. You have helped me prove, once again, that its possible for an independent artist to reach a mass audience in Ireland today without any compromise on what I write about or how I write about it. I do not believe I would have anything like such artistic freedom without your support enabling my independence in this way.

I hope that in return, my poems can be of some use to you – as entertainment, enlightenment, objects of discussion, inspiration…whatever, it’s all good.

Thanks too to the hardworking  staff of Poetry Ireland, the small Dublin based admin/resource organisation that co-ordinated the programme & much of the PR for Poetry Day Ireland – special shout out to their much missed ex-director Joseph Woods who came up with the all-ireland poetry day idea way back in 2010 – & huge kudos & thanks to the hundreds of volunteer poetry lovers up & down the country who put in such happy efforts in so many colourful ways.

I have been involved in Irish Poetry, reading it, performing it, publishing it, teaching it, promoting it since the early 90s & its never been this much fun & so full of good-hearted & talented grassroots people.

This summer I will working on my new multimedia Poetry Project WHERE POETRY COMES FROM – more news about that soon.

I will also be launching my new online & offline poetry course – focusing on how to be a 21st Century poet – keep an eye out if interested.

If you want me for a gig or a workshop pm or dlordan@hotmail.com

If you want to check out my sampler e-book, The Four Honesties, click through here: https://davelordanwriterdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/the-four-honesties.pdf

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Love & Solidarity

Dave Lordan

The Four Honesties