Course/Workshop ideas for indie/small press writers – your suggestions welcome.

Here are some of my in-progress ideas…im happy to hear suggestions of the type of courses

1)The Rebel Canon – writers they dont tell you about in The Guardian & what you can learn from them about being a writer who matters, not just a writer who chatters.

2) The Debut – How to write the best first book you can & get it noticed & read way beyond the usual suspects

3) The video game-changer – Learn how anyone with hands & a brain can now use video to bypass the literary gatekeepers (yes they do exist & they dont like video one little bit!) & connect directly with a huge potential audience outside the ever-shrinking ‘book market’. An A to Z of video, from idea, through production, & distrubution – on a worker’s budget.

Im at & 0870921117 & i blog/vlog/podcast/teach over at

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