Stop being such a blacksmith! On why you need to be a multimedia writer!

The text only era is dead – why you need to be a multimedia writer!

This is the age of the multimedia writer, & writers who stick to creating & communicating in the previous era’s text-only format risk being left far behind by our fast-moving times – the way blacksmiths were left in the dust by the invention of automobile & train.

Don’t get me wrong – you still have to be a wizard with the words no matter what medium you are working in, but, trust me, if you want to have any kind of sustainable audience for your work – if you want anybody to actually hear your words – you are gonna have to get into video & audio & smarten up your online presentation & distribution.

By the way, I really like blacksmiths, & i’d love to go to work on a horse, instead of a bus or a train. But time & technology are both ruthless & they don’t care about my (or your) nostalgia for the way things used to be.

But isn’t it really hard for writer-types to learn those techie things, & really expensive to get all the right equipment? Well I bet it’s easier to learn, & cheaper to maintain than you think. Sure, it’s best to invest in a couple of days training – so you get to know what keys carry out which tasks in Adobe Audition or Premiere Pro, for example. But once you know the basics, all it takes is practice, along with soaking in as many free youtube tutorials as you can, & you will fly along. And yes I would put aside a couple of hundred, maybe even a grand for a decent mic, the best software, a better website & so on. I know thats a lot of money for most of us, but you’ll make it back, & the increase in the reach of your work will massively increase your chance of making even a small living from your creative work.

I decided i needed to get into audio & video production in 2016, made a serious effort at it, & just over two years later I make at least half my living from video & audio work.

Mucg better than this again is how I have reached a whole new & much larger audience who would never have heard of me if i only had books & online text to distribute.

I publish audio & video regularly now on about 20 different outlets on the web, & in each of these outlets, whether it be a community radio station, a social media site, or a multimedia website, I have a distinct following – & it all adds up.

In the last year on Facebook alone I have had around 300000 video views. Thats 300000 times that people have engaged with my work that wouldnt have happened but for the investment I have put in to learning how to effectively use these amazing new multimedia creativity tools we all have access to.

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And if you are impatient & want to get some pro-grade audio & video out there right now email & I will get it done for you at the kind of super-low community rates that are making me an assassination target in the world of pro audio & videography!