Leaving Cert English – thoughts on Curriculum.

Did a workshop on storytelling & self-expression with Leaving Certs in St Josephs in Navan yesterday, & heading to Beneavin De La Salle to do the same today. Meant to help them with their composition question in their leaving cert.

Great fun. It’s pretty evident though that we either need an update/overhaul of the LC english syllabus, which is well behind the times – something which isnt allowed to happen to maths or physics or even PE – or a new LC subject that teaches multimedia creativity & empowers young people of all abilities & interests to express themselves creatively or at least adequately in modern world mediums.

It’s tragic, & begs questions of competence at the highest level in the Dept of Education, that the majority of young people in non-fee paying schools are finishing their education in our day without any idea how to make themselves a Video CV, for example – putting them at a disadvantage for many jobs today & ALL jobs tmro,

Why not teach kids how to use their smartphones to better themselves, express themselves, educate themselves, get themselves a job they love etc rather than waste so much time & energy policing their use?

Plenty of teachers agree with me on this, & it seems obvious to the young people I talk to that they are, when it comes to English, being educated for the wrong century. So what’s the hold-up, I wonder?

I’m available for a variety of creativity & confidence-boosting talks & workshops for Leaving Certs. Contact me at 0870921117 or dlordan@hotmail.com