The Five Best Multimedia Websites for Creative Writers! #video #education #multimedia #creativity


Learn about the best free multimedia libraries online for Creative Writers, where you will find pro-grade video/background music/photo/graphics/sound effects to enhance your multimedia creativity & multiply the audience for your work. Plenty more free tutorials over at Dave Lordan Creativity on Facebook & Youtube

The age of the text-only writer is over, & any writer who doesn’t teach themselves the basics of multimedia for at least promotion purposes is living in the wrong century & creating for a dead audience. This is something you won’t hear from literary NGOs (the HSE of literature), Creative Writing MA’s (pyramid schemes) Literary Agents (gombeen men/women), Prestigious Literary Journals , Literary Festivals or any other bunch whose careers/profits/professional rep depends on keeping actual writers in the dark about the reality of their vocation today.

So start learning video & audio production today, or fall further & further behind as time goes by. Up to yourself!