A Multimedia Writers Diary

Today I travel to Enniscorthy to meet again with a local writers group which emerged from the now closed St Senan’s and is facilitated by local writer Sylvia Cullen. They have been studying my second book,Invitation To A Sacrifice (2010) & apparently particularly liked the poem, The Pisshead. If you want an e-book or paperback of this collection or any of my other books, give me shout. If you are unfamiliar with my work, check out the essentials here

That’s my second community invitation of the week. I was out talking about the multimedia/DIY revolution in literature to the young creators of Hansfield Educate Together Secondary school on Wednesday, where
teams of young videographers had been making short films in response to Anti-bullying poem Because I’m human, the community produced video of
you will find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFe4XOyJzkQ

Tomorrow I’m out in Tallaght Library recording a live podcast with Colm Keegan & Annemarie Ni Chuireann, two
of my peer-generation in irish poetry. I’ll read some poems & talk about my life & methods as a n indie artist working in the wild outside
both the state-subsidised/controlled & the commercial literary sectors. https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/the-flow-state-featuring-dave-lordan-and-annemarie-ni-churreain-tickets-45004961050

Anyone literary who is thinking of spending the next five years writing a novel and getting it published (yes thats how long it takes for the 1 per cent who do get published) I’d advise to think again. My recent survey of 800 irish writers & readers showed that close to nobody is reading even our most heavily state & commerce-promoted literary writers.

You may be much better off choosing another medium for your writing if you want an audience and a few bob for it- podcast or audio story for example.
Even if it means you have to learn a few tricks on the laptop. You learned how to read & write didn’t you? My Creative Writing Now course might help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxQJnPF-_bg

Thanks by the way to everyone who pre-ordered my new short audiobook, The Only Real Irish Poet in Dublin. In 12 hours I sold more books on my facebook page than my state-funded publisher did of my work in five years. See above for how I managed this. Everything i get for the audiobook i put back into time and equipment to help me make new work & help other sin the multimedia/diy arts out there.

See this MODWORDS18 album I produced recently for an example of what I can do for other artists when I have enough time in the bank. https://davelordanpoet.bandcamp.com/album/modwords-the-secret-gig

Beware of what our literary NGO/registered charities say about anything literary by the way – they are not staffed by writers but administrators from a mainly 80s & 90s generation who simply do not understand the new multimedia world that now confronts the arts. The NGO’s & other salaried sections of the arts periphery such as literary journalism are heavily invested in the status quo – even if its the status quo of 1995, not 2018. They are all well on their way to the Cliffs Of Complete Irrelevance – don’t follow them over it.

If you are interested in any of online courses, or in any of my books, or in hiring me for some facilitation 0870921117 dlordan@hotmail.com




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