Beware of FG/RTE BLUEWASH of referendum campaign!

paul and brid
Paul Murphy, Ruth Coppinger, Brid Smith – socialist TDs who have been leading pro-choice campaigners for decades being ‘blue washed’ out of post-referendum coverage by RTE/FG

Many are rightly disappointed that the mainstream media, working closely with the PR team of FG, are attempting to present the victory as one won by Fine Gael & other establishment politicians alone.

I trust that this attempt at a presenting a right-wing party which was anti-choice until months ago as THE womens’ rights movement in Ireland will not wash with Irish people, who have just proven that they do not take much notice of what the MSM are saying about anything.

Solidarity, People Before Profit, Clare Daly & other socialist & left wing feminist activists, who have led the pro-choice movement in Ireland for the last 35 years, alongside all the amazing grassroots & non-affiliated women & orgs who participated in the campaign, are being systematically, deliberately excluded from coverage of the Victory, despite the contribution they have all made to the pro-choice struggle dwarfing that made by Fine Gael.

This is because we dont want the struggle for womens rights & social justice in Ireland to stop now. We want the church out of our schools & hospitals. We want the women & children imprisoned by the state in Direct Provision to be freed. We want the homeless women & children of Ireland to be permanently & securely housed. We want the hundreds of thousands of women who are underpaid & work in crap conditions in Ireland to have fair wages & income security. We want those in the HSE who are responsible for the manslaughter of women resulting from Cervical Check to be sacked.

We want the movement that won repeal to stay engaged & fight with us for all these things.

Arch-manipulators Varadkar, Harris, Madigan, etc want none of that, & in close, backroom collaboration with RTE et al, will try & ensure that we wont get a chance to say our piece in the MSM about any of it.

But at least we have our own media, & social media. And this is where the true narrative of the united grassroots campaign that won this great victory will be found. Let’s not get too het up about the liars & whitewashers in FG & the MSM. Lets concentrate on getting our own stories & opinions across online – just like we did during the campaign!


Dave Lordan