The Spoken Word Show Episode 4 + Congratulatons DDR, Europe’s best radio station!


The Spoken Word Show Episode 4 is ready to go – a cracker of an episode & a must listen for fans of grassroots irish literature.


Fiction Special – New work from Denyse Woods, Oisin Fagan,  Wendy Erskine, Kevin Doyle.

Interview with Emma Penney on Working Class Women’s Poetry

Interview with Crumlin’s finest avant-gardiste Rob Doyle on Going For The Absolute

The Spoken Word Show is hosted by a number of top-rated Digital Radio services, including Dublin Digital Radio, who have won both the judges award AND the Listeners Choice award in the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards and are BEST STATION IN EUROPE 2018 🎉 

Great to be part of something so punk & successful!

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