James Joyce & I – my bloomsday news!

JAMES JOYCE AND I. #bloomsdaynews

My story Becoming Polis is included in this first ever anthology of the experimental tradition in Irish Literature. Its due in October and also includes wirj by Joyce, Beckett, Flann O Brien June Caldwell & lots of others. Its a great company to be included in & i look forward to the big launch party in Dublin in October.

My story, Becoming Polis, is a job description posted by the assassin Lucheni, who is looking for an assistant to help him destroy Europe.

Here’s the blurb – “The anthology presents an intoxicating mixture of Irish writing at its most playful and transgressive, from colossal authors to lesser-known but fascinating ones, offering fresh perspectives and a provocative reshuffling of the literary canon.”

The Assassin Lucheni, Destroyer of Europe!

The Assassin Lucheni, Destroyer of Europe!