Why Corbyn is LOSING & Tommy Robinson is WINNING – lessons for the LEFT!!!


VLOG NOTES: Corbyn is losing to a lie, & robinson is winning with a lie.

It is true that Israel is a racist state – even its own parliament has declared itself so through the recent enactment of a blatantly racist nation state law. It treats its arab citizens as bad and worse than apartheid treated South African blacks & it is carrying out, cheerleaded by Fox News & the BBC, a slow but sure genocide of the palestinian people.

Anyone with a brain & a conscience knows that Israel is a racist state. It is a lie that Corbyn is a racist. He’s a life long anti-racist. Yet the lies soar & the truth sinks. Why?

To answer that let’s have a look a simultaneous case in British Politics – that of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson is lies & nothing but lies. He’s not even Tommy Robinson. He’s a muppet called yaxley-lennon. He’s a violent conman who exploits ignorance & poverty for his own gain & for vile political motives inspired by Hitler & Mussolini. But he knows how to win!

This is what he knows which corbyn doesn’t seem to know:

1) at critical moments street politics triumphs over parliamentary politics

2)among critical working class populations social media is triumphing over mainstream media

Fascists understand the importance of the street & of mobilising the populace behind a cause in the way that the labour left sadly do not. They carry out agitation constantly online & they have made great strides in the propaganda war – enabling them to scale up vert publically & call mass demonstrations – because they are not hidebound by the routines & procedures bourgeois parliamentary politics – by which the labour party allow themselves to be confined, forcing them to focus on parliamentary manouvring & grandiloquent speechifying all the while trying to get their point across politely through the MSM – an arena in which the odds are utterly stacked against the socialist left utterly.

How can Corybyn defeat the lie?

By taking back the streets for the left & by taking the argument to the working class.

1) call a demonstration of the entire left & civil society, including, prominently, anti-zionist Jewish Organisations & Palestine Solidary organisations.

2) undertake a mass counter-propaganda drive through social media