Bomb about to go off in Irish Literature!

Next month, my story Becoming Polis (a job ad for a personal assistant to Lucheni, The Destroyer of Europe) will be published in this first ever anthology of the avant-garde/non-mainstream fiction tradition in Ireland. I think it will be a very interesting anthology which will permanently change how the history & development of Irish fiction is viewed, & it’s great to be included along with so many of the writers who inspired me, like James Mangan, Edna O Brien, James Joyce, Beckett…

Publishers Blurb:

“The Other Irish Tradition is a colorful anthology celebrating the experimental strain in Irish literature, from Laurence Sterne and Jonathan Swift to the bleeding-edge of contemporary writing. It juxtaposes work from such heralded masters as Joyce, Beckett, and Flann O’Brien with startling and innovative work from young contemporary writers such as Dave Lordan, Mike McCormack, June Caldwell, Anakana Schofield, and Kevin Breathnach. The anthology presents an intoxicating mixture of Irish writing at its most playful and transgressive, from colossal authors to lesser-known but fascinating ones, offering fresh perspectives and a provocative reshuffling of the literary canon.”