I rob & sell children for a living


cuntbag theresa

SPITE SPECIFIC #clericalscandal #nightmarenuns

I met a nun today
at an exhibition
in a workhouse in Birr

not a fake or a phantasmagoric nun
but a real one
a real nun

telling me and Aidan, my musician bud,
that the workhouse system
was set up during the famine
by the british occuppiers
and handed later on to the Roman ones
way back in the blight age
‘in order to deal with the problem of poverty’.

She didn’t like it much
when I referred to
the church as ‘the Romans’
nor when I started to rant
about shaven heads and iron rods
and leather belts and rape and
unmarked graves
and all the countless tortures
inflicted on the children of the poor
by the Romans
in their workhouses
‘in order to deal with the problem of poverty’

She got riled and asked me for my sources
and when I said my sources were the words
of abused children I had read about and met

she called those children liars

She did. She actually said:
‘What do children do only lie?’

Going on to say that no doubt
some bad things happened
but there needed to be ‘balance’ .

I said the only way to ‘balance’ a dead or injured child
was with a knife in the eye.

I said the only ‘balance’ that didn’t spit on the grave of
these oppressed infants

was the ‘balance’ of revenge.

I asked her if she believed in Transubstantiation
and she did.

I asked her then
how someone who believes in drinking blood and eating flesh of a sunday,

I asked her how a fucking cannibal and a vampire like her
could talk to anyone about their ‘sources’?

She walked away
and I knew that I had won

right there and right then
at that contemporary exhibition
in a workhouse in Birr

against that rotting old hypocritical wanker of a nun.


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