No Irish Welcome For Trump


Fine Gael have made a big mistake. Hundreds of millions will be spent hosting this terrorist, while the homeless figures rise, while the buses in working class suburbs of Dublin are canceled, while cervical smears rot in the lab, while post offices close all over rural Ireland…need I go on?

A big mistake. And we will have to make sure they
suffer the political consequences for showing such contempt to the majority of Irish people who want nothing to do with Trump.

We must protest at every inch of ground Trump’s feet touch, & in every way we can. We must march, we must blockade, we must occupy, we must continously disrupt, we must shut down as much of Ireland as we can the day he touches down.

We have a chance before the eyes of the world to show where the Irish people stand on racism, homophobia, climate change, gender equality, workers rights, freedom of the press….let’s do that in our hundreds of thousands, in diverse ways, in the broadest possible coalitions.


What needs to happen?

1) mass meetings sometime in the next 10 days in all large towns and cities organised by activist coalitions – with those with an actual track record at the centre. These meetings should involve everyone who wants to protest trump – including the greens – & democratically decide by way of proposals & floor votes about things like protest times, steering committes etc.

2) Local Stop Trump groups should be set up everwhere in ireland on same broad, co/operative basis to decide on local actions. Just do it!

We need to reject political opportunism & work together on a national carnival of anti-trump resistance.

In solidarity

Dave Lordan.


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