RE Trump protests – Take no notice of the bystanders of life when they say things like ‘why aren’t ye all protesting about homelessness!’?
This kind of objection almost invariably comes from people who have never protested about anything in their life and perhaps who are also a little bit behind on current affairs, to put it mildly.
To begin with tho, whataboutery is a morally illogical position – it makes you look a bit thick, or otherwise plain nasty, to be frank.
Imagine if there was a pile up on the M1, and seven people were lying dying on the road.
You and a mate are in a car behind & get out and start trying to save the lives of two of the victims.
Suddenly from the hardshoulder, a potbellied dude in a deckchair drinking a can of Dutch Gold, the kind of guy who likes a good crash to shout at, starts SHAKING HIS TAMBOURINE AND shouting WHATABOUT the other 5 injured heh? What are ya gonna do about them heh! Don’t you care about THE MAJORITY!!!????
He shouts & shouts & shouts & shouts – & ends up successfully distracting ye – & all seven crash victim dies.
The best thing to do with Trump WHATABOUTERS is ignore them. They are not serious people. They they are at best attention seekers who will distract us from the serious work at hand if we allow them to..
But the silly or perhaps just nasty people who shout WHATABOUT at you while you are trying to do something good also don’t seem to be aware of the long economic & political trend called globalisation.
It’s been around for 100 years, in everyone’s faces, but the WHATABOUTERS haven’t noticed it yet!
Globalisation means that the actions of a small number of powerful states, still chiefly the USA, determine the nature of the world system in which Ireland is a small but far from insignificant player. If America sneezes, we get double pneumonia – remember 2008? Lehman? etc
The Vulture Funds which are co-operating with Eoghan Murphy to drive up homelessness & house prices are headquartered in America.
There is no contradiction – unless you are a moron – between protesting Trump & protesting homelessness. Protesting Trump IS protesting homelessness.
Also, it’s no small matter that the US military commanded by Trump, with the connivance of Fine Gael and previous governments (including our sudden new friends in the anti-war movement The Green Party) controls daily military and torture flights through Shannon Airport. This makes the Irish people unwilling participants in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, The Yemen…..it also makes us a strategic military asset in the new cold war with China, Russia, Iran..
From the point of view of America’s many many enemies Shannon Airport and indeed the whole of ireland is a legitimate target because of our unwilling alliance with the USA, the world’s greatest rogue state.
This is why US MILITARY OUT OF SHANNON & other Anti-Imperialist slogans – including crucially Palestinian Solidarity must must be front and centre of the Anti-Trump, pro-humanity protests against his upcoming visits.
Lastly, Trump’s election victory has inspired the bigots in our own country – no less than four of the right and far-right proto-candidates for our presidency have declared themselves admirers of Trump – that is they have declared themselves racists, homophobes, woman-haters, boss-lickers & landlord-worshippers.
The protest against Trump will be an opportunity to put our own dangerous and socially destructive far right in its place. It is therefore an important date in the calendar of Irish progress, solidarity, & justice – all of which the WHATABOUTS have never done anything to help save or build, & never will.
Dave Lordan 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤