Rackrenting & general housing insecurity, our low-wage/long hours economy, the increasingly damaging appropriation of the bulk of public arts funds by dodgy NGO’s & neo-liberal PR rackets like Creative Ireland…

– together, to be fair, with the bulk of our best young people spending their positive energies on grassroots political campaigning instead of artistic creativity…..

All of these are combining to cause a crisis in the grassroots/working-class arts in Ireland. We can’t afford to book places to put on shows. Our audience has less money to spend on our work and less time to enjoy it. There’s less work in schools etc for us & fewer people have time/energy to do the classes many of us teach & financially get by on.

The D4 crowd who dominate the arts here, who get all the state funding, who get all the puff & glory in the mainstream media etc – they don’t have to worry about the crisis affecting the rest of us.

Leo & Simon will look after all them throughout the tough times – as long as they keep their mouths shut about injustice and keep dancing for the ambassadors & the CEO’s!

But those of us outside the protection of the golden circle badly need your support. Doesn’t have to be financial if you don’t have it – a comment, a share, a like, a recommendation to your friends – these are all great helps – in fact they are basically the distribution method of the grassroots arts in Ireland – so please do support us in this way. For everybody who does any of this A BIG THANK YOU!

But also consider, especially in the run-up to xmas say, buying something DIRECTLY off one of us for yourself or as a gift a family member/friend – a pamphlet, a painting, an audio book, an online course (again BIG THANK YOU to those who already do this.)

Buying directly from grassroots artists cuts out all the gombeens & middlepeople who parasite on the Irish arts and is the absolute best way to support grassroots/working-class/indie artists.

And the more people who support the grassroots arts like this, the more grassroots arts there will be, as it will keep the door open for people from non-privileged backgrounds to keep taking part –

but this DOOR is SHUTTING rapidly at the moment – please help us KEEP it OPEN for ourselves & the young people coming behind us!