I support the Tipperary Travellers #righttohorses #notoracism

I support the Tipperary Travellers.

In Tipperary the council are lying & even if they weren’t they’d be in the wrong.

The Travellers cause is 100 per cent just. They have a right to horses & to adequate facilities to raise & tend their horses well.

This is what it means in practice to recognise their ethnicity – simple as.

There are plenty people out there – good people in the main – who will stand up for every oppressed minority on earth – as they should – except our own one in Ireland!

It shames me as an irish writer, for example, that we have endless novels and short stories and poems about the oppression of…well everybody basically except the Travellers – honorable exceptions are very very very few.

So many luvvies & liberals will sign petitions about everything but the Travellers!

All those people would want to cop on.

The Travellers have endured the murderous sadism of the Irish State for 100 years. They’ve been through horrors for a century the rest of us would not survive for a day. And it is still going on – this disgrace in Tipperary is state racism at its worst.

The treatment of Travellers by the Irish State TODAY is every bit as bad and as scandalous – if not far more so – then the treatment of African Americans in 1950s and 60s America.

So don’t quote Martin Luther King & turn your back on the Travellers, you liberal hypocrite!

Politics and political institutions in Tipperary are especially rotten – this is the county that gives us Alan Kelly & Michael Lowry – two of the most disgusting bowel-products to ever be shat out by our rotten system. You’re taking their side, are you?

Because If you are behind truth & justice and against racism you will get behind the Travellers in this shameful dispute caused by Tipperary County Council.

traveller horse