THE WRECK OF DAN McCARTHY – The Dead Friends, Episode 3 #podcast #westcork

In this episode I’ll tell you about faeries, the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Inchydoney, “wrecking”, had tresses and a goatee that made him look like a pirate or a musketeer, and how he died.

This is the third episode in my six-episode podcast memoir about five teenagers who gathered at a party in a bedsit in Dunmanway, West Cork during mushroom season in 1993 – a Curehead, a couple of ravers, a punk and a mod.

I’m the only one left on this Earth in 2018. I will delve into each of the four dead friends’ lives, and each of their deaths, in turn – before ending with a demon-haunted climax in Gatsby’s “niteclub”.