WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? #cabraghbridge #travellers #petercasey

This morning members of our Traveller ethic minority – children, women, & men – are waking up to find themselves being slandered & abused all over the airwaves, the tabloids, the online comment threads.
Peter Casey’s decision to unleash this wave of hate followed an opinion poll which found him Paddy Last in the presidential donkey race by a fair few furlongs.
In response, like any rich snake used to bribing & bullying his way to the top, he played the dirtiest trick he could come up with to get back in the race.
In attacking the Travellers, Casey continues a long tradition of hate campaigning on the Irish right – FG & FF do plenty of it. Attacking the softest targets for the seediest reasons is part of the DNA of reactionary politics.
As is divide & rule. Irish Travellers are no more responsible for our housing crisis than Santa Claus was resonsible for the sinking of the Lusitania.
But frustration, ignorance, spite, & cowardice mean there are a few thousand loudmouths – natural born bullies – who will willingly act as a Hate Army for Peter Casey, although he himself wouldnt ‘live next door’ to any one of his lowly hate-soldiers.
The just demand for available rental land to raise horses at Cabragh Hill is entirely in line with our recognition of Traveller ethnicity. Not only should we be providing land for horses but we should be supporting in every possible way the retention, promotion, & enhancement of the culture of the Travelling Community, & the lives of individual Travellers.
County Councils housing departments are often deeply corrupt institutions, functioning chiefly as bribe arrangers between developers & crooked councillors. They are more like a section of the mafia than a public service. They are led by liars & chancers & they break agreements with Travellers & other vulnerable groups all the time.
The high rates of addiction, suicide, & overall deprivation in the Travelling community are in large part the result of plainly evil NON-HOUSING policies of local authorities over the last century, when Travellers have either been left unserviced on the side of the road or socially dumped en-masse, among the deprived in poor urban areas, & then abandoned.
The policy of the Irish State towards Travellers for the last 100 years is akin to a kind of slow genocide – vast numbers of Travellers have died un-necessarily, & countless others have suffered unbelievably difficult lives as a direct result of deliberate, maliciously-intended state policy.
There are no grey areas in the case of an attack by a powerful & amoral millionaire on our country’s most vulnerable & long-suffering minority.
There are no subtleties to be discussed when the cavemen of the right stand over the Travellers with their clubs raised, ready to strike & draw blood.
This is black & white. Stand with The Travellers today or face the fact that you yourself are a racist & or a coward.
Stand today with the Travellers of Cabragh Bridge & all over Ireland by openly declaring your support & standing up to the racists on your own timelines & in your own community, & by sharing the statements & testimonies of Travellers.
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