Catherine Corless wins a great victory for Tuam babies and Families

Corless wins a great victory!

CHILDREN’S MINISTER KATHERINE Zappone has confirmed that there will be a full forensic examination of the site of the mother and baby home in Tuam, Galway.

In an era of Incredible Irish Women taking the lead & showing the way on every progressive front, perhaps Catherine Corless stands out the greatest hero of them all.

I was greatly humbled and honoured when Catherine contacted me & asked in summer 2016 to read my poem For The Tuam Babies at an onsite memorial gathering for the 796 poor murdered infants of Tuam.

For The Tuam Babies

Nameless in life
we died without names
because without a name
we couldn’t live
and without a life
we couldn’t die
and if we didn’t die
we weren’t killed
and if we weren’t killed
no-one killed us
and if no-one killed us
there are no killers
and if there are no killers
then no-one can lie
about the
we didn’t live
and the deaths
we didn’t live

Dave Lordan