Stardust families respond to Peter Casey’s comments

During the presidential campaign the stardust relatives of the victims of the stardust fire contacted all presidential candidates seeking their support for the Truth campaign.

The Truth campaign is calling for the Inquest into the Stardust Fire to be reopened and over the summer we have collected 48,000 signatures supporting that call.

At no time did we ask that Peter Casey act as a spokesperson for our campaign. We as individual family members of the 48 victims have been our own spokesperson for the last 37 years and will continue to do so until we receive justice for our loved ones.

On the 20th November at 11am the Relatives of the Stardust Victims alongside supporters of our campaign including Christy Moore will walk from Westland Row to the office of the Attorney General in Merrion Street and deliver 48,000 Signed Truth Stardust postcards.

The families find Peter Casey’s comments to be a complete misrepresentation of what we asked of him as a presidential candidate and an attempt to exploit our campaign. We also find his comments on travelers deeply offensive and given that the traveller community have had their own tragedy at Carrickmines, it is in solidarity with those families we would ask that PETER CASEY NOT ATTEND ON THE 20TH NOVEMBER.

We are asking the public if they can walk with us to please come along and give all your support for JFT48 thank you so much.