Everybody who loves knowledge & the great writing that best preserves it needs to know about & make use of the out-of-copywright book site It’s an infinite library within the even infiniter library of the internet! Below are five books I plucked from the hundred or so uploaded in the last week – if you check their latest book section every now and then you will always come up with a treasure trove:

The Legends of the Iroquis, collected by Willam Canfield:

A comprehensive & clear first-hand account of the cosmology of the sophisticated & fascinating native American Iroquois confederacy.

The Jews Among The Greeks And Romans by Max Rodin:

A well-told history motivated by the desire to refute anti-semitic stereotypes current at the fin-de-siecle in Europe – a must read for Greek & Roman buffs!

Battles & Bivouacs – A French Soldiers Notebook by Jaques Roujon:

This is a really intriquing account by a front-line french soldier during the early part of WW1 – when it dawns on these enthusuastic fools that the war won’t be ‘over by xmas’!

The Characters of Theophrastus:

Theophrastus was the prodigy of Aristotle & took over the Lyceum upon his passing. This book is a gem – a topology of common character types, ‘dissembler’ ‘flatterer’ etc – and yes they are all still around!:

The Predecessors of Cleopatra, by Leigh North

Gender in Egypt was different – & part of that was the often dominant political role played by ruling class women – there were a lot more Queens than Cleopatra & read about them all here in this superbly narrated history.