#Vide0 – Rob Doyle on The Other Irish Tradition

This November i receive a great honour; inclusion as one of 20 or so writers, including Joyce, Beckett, Mangan, Edna O Brien…in the first ever anthology of the experimental/avante-garde tradition of Irish fiction.

My story is called Becoming Polis, & it is a job description & call out by Lucheni, the Assassin, for a PA to help him destroy Europe, a task for which he has been recently contracted…

…perhaps by Becoming Polis – the fusion of AI, Internet of Things, & Concrete into conscious cities. Or perhaps by some other dark force.

Anyway I’m really happy about it. Above is editor Rob Doyle in discussion with Sean Rocks about the anthology. If you want to hear Becoming Polis, it’s on sale here as an audiobook with several other horror/crime/bizarre tales