Don’t Ask Me About My Christmas Shopping


People seem to be forgetting what Christmas is really all about; getting coOoOozeeeee with our loved ones. To most of us, it’s not really about Christ which could leave you to wonder we’re all going so crazy every December? Well, let’s make sure we don’t make it all about the new religion: cOnSuMeRiSm.

When I look at people with a sparkle in my eye and drool on my chin to ask, ‘Excited for Christmas?’ or ‘Have you got The Christmas Spirit yet?’ Their answer usually revolves around one thing: PRESENTS! ‘I don’t have anything yet!’ or ‘God, I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping!’ Similarly, I’m always kind of well….bored of the question: ‘Have you got all your Christmas shopping yet?’


No guys! No, this is not the Christmas Spirit. The Christmas Spirit is that excitement in your belly that only comes once a year! With the distant chant of…

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