“We are talking about the parents with 2.4 children and two jobs, with a huge mortgage and huge childcare costs who, when it comes to the end of the week pay all their bills, but are left with almost nothing to pay for food.”

(Roscommoner Tony Scanlon in the Irish Times in 2017 commenting on the opening of a local foodbank.)

Roscommon is one of Ireland’s poorest & most socially troubled counties. A staggering 42 per cent of adults do not participate in the labour force. Among these are the 10% of permanently disabled & their carers. 70 per cent of those at work are employed in low-grade service industry jobs. Many more are low-income sole-traders or small, isolated farmers living hand-to-mouth much of the time.

A quarter of the population has not progressed beyond junior cert. A quarter live in single-person households. A quarter of households have no connection to the internet.

Unsurprisingly, the adult population is heavily skewed towards the elderly. Most young people leave for higher education, & later on for employment.

For very many Roscommon People then, whether working or not, life is a lonely, hopeless grind that wears you down daily.

How much of the above can be attributed to refugees?


How much to white Irish Gombeens, whether of the political, business, or political-business order of gombeen?


And yet, In such circumstances, without an organised left leading social movements to counter deprivation, isolation, & degradation, the deranged & murderous politics of the far-right can take hold of the damaged minds of a weakened people.

Because truth & right-ring politics are two very different, indeed opposing things. Politics, for the right, is the art of the manipulation of public opinion to serve vile ends.

The right and the far-right co-operate in this. The right seeks to hold wages down and divide the workforce in order to maximise their own gain. The far-right steps in to make sure workers blame vulnerable minorities – gays, travellers, refugees et al for their problems – instead of the White Gombeens.

The right provides the tinder, the far-right showers it with petrol & sets it aflame.

Such a two-step is what is behind the rise of the far-right in Europe in recent years, and it is the exact formula that brought the original

fascists to power in the 1930’s, the dance of death & the devil that gave us the holocaust & the fifty million dead of the second world war.

Through their representives & comrades on Irish fascist facebook pages, the firebombers make two untrue claims about themselves & their actions which are easily dismissed.

The first is that they are Republicans. Now, this is true if they mean the Donald Trump wing of the American Republican party – deranged racists, super-exploiters, & mass murdering imperialists. Firebombing a refugee hostel fits very well in with this – as it does with the die-hard monarchists of Britain First, or any bunch of far-right slaughterers.

But I’m afraid if they think what they are doing has anything to do with the broad-left, internationalist tradition of Irish Republicanism, they’ve been sniffing too much of their own petrol.

Bobby Sands nor Markieviecz nor Napper Tandy woudnt spit on these firebombers if they were on fire. I have known – we all know – many admirable people in the irish republican tradition. Not one of them is a racist. Racism is more of a British Army thing, isn’t it?

Sinn Fein as a party are committed to anti-racism & have a strong tradition of it. This doesn’t mean unfortunately that the leadership does not tend to look the other way when the exceptional fringe councillor in rural Ireland decides to play the racist card.

As the largest force on the left in County Roscommon, Sinn Fein has a political & moral duty to stand up & be counted. There are some things far far more important than elections & votes – & this is one of them. If there are no Sinn Fein banners and or public representatives on Sunday’s crucially important protest we should never let them forget it – in the name of the best traditions of Irish rebellion.

A second diversionary excuse being given by the Roscommon Firebombing Fanclub online is that it was a pro-tourism firebombing, and not atall a racist one, do ya see?


Me neither.

I’d be very surprised indeed if there were many in the ‘Lets go to the town where they burn your accomodation down if you’re not from within five miles of the town boundaries!’ category.

Now, I don’t know whether the people behind the firebombings are from Roscommon or thereabouts. The cops say they are, which almost certainly means they aren’t.

But I do know one thing – those that the people of Roscommon need to stand up to, & stand up quick, are not the asylum seekers fleeing persecution for a better life,

but the stupid, evil morons who carry out Hitlerian acts like firebombings in the middle of night.

Otherwise everytime someone googles Rooskey or Roscommon what will show up first for all eternity is ‘firebombing’

and the poor place will be a lot poorer because of it – will perhaps be shunned and boycotted not only by tourists but by any decent Irish person as well,

I will be joining the protest this Sunday organised by the very courageus & tireless activists of Leitrim & Roscommon United Against Racism. I hope to see a good turnout from locals. And an even bigger one from around the country.

We know how hard it is to put out this hellfire of fascism once it gets going & we know where it ends up – the industrial incineration of minority men, women & children in a holocaust – if it isnt stopped and permanently & ruthlessly put down.

So lets gather together, united as a one, & run the ghost of Hitler out of Roscommon this Sunday – protest details at link