Dave’s provocative, entertaining, non-conforming, deep-thinking and accessible work in Literature and Community Education  has won him praise and awards from all over the place. Ordinary people love his uplifting, unpretentious poetry because it travels straight from his Bogman’s heart into the hearts of his readers and listeners.

If you want to draw a bigger than usual crowd to your poetry event, and leave them all wanting more at the end of it, book Dave Lordan at dlordan@hotmail.com

He can also do workshops, talks, articles, broadcast research, literary editing or whatever you fancy:  dlordan@hotmail.com

Support Dave Lordan’s Free-spoken Irish poetry at Books at Salmon. 

Dave shines a light into the darkest corners…around the cities, through the towns, up the mountains and on down the rivers, and always that bit of hope we surely crave. There are some of his poems that I would love to sing.  
Christy Moore


“Thanks to a creative writing course with Dave Lordan, I am now a published writer! Before doing Dave’s course, I’d been writing for a long time but I’d never had much confidence in my work. Dave’s course provided inspiration and encouragement in a relaxed, supportive and fun environment. I’ve now had three stories accepted for publication, I’ve been shortlisted for an international literary prize and I’ve performed my work at two very successful public readings in Dublin. I’d recommend a writing course with Dave to anyone; it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done.”
—Roisin O Donnell

Hi Dave, I heard your poem on Pick of the Week [RTE] this morning and want to say that it is one of the best anti bullying poems I have heard. I work with young people and have just performed a devised piece on bullying – this poem was better than any I have read- love the description of ‘fighting’ back at the end of the poem. The end summarizes coping with living and not being a victim- ever! Thank you. Obvious you have been bullied and you understand this issue so well. Loved the reference to dancing- very spiritual poem.



  1. susan byrne

    Dave, I just wanted to thank you for the course in Tinahely today, it was great and you left us with good ideas for a local writing group. Hope you get some time. Thanks. susan byrne

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